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I thought I'd publish some of the reviews we've received.  We just added a Body Candy Reviews & Testimonials section to our site.  If you have a review you'd like to share please be sure to let us know!

Kendra's Body Candy Review
Edible Body Powders
Body powders are nice, but the kind I'm using, well, it taste like watermelon!  How awesome is that?  It's Body Candy's Edible Body Powder
The Watermelon Edible Body Powder has the consistency of powdered sugar and the lid, a lot like a spice container, has 2 sides.  One is a hole for dumping the powder on and the other side is small holes for sprinkling the powder on.  I prefer the sprinkles. 
You can sprinkle some on whatever body part you like (externally!) and surprise your partner when they kiss and lick you or your partner can sprinkle your body with the Edible Body Powder and lick and kiss all over your irresistible tasting skin! 
The Watermelon Edible Body Powder tastes absolutely wonderful!  It's so good, I've actually dumped a pile in my hand and ate it that way!  It taste similar to watermelon jolly ranchers.  Body Candy's Body Powders have to be the best tasting I've ever used.  I'm not the only fan, my partner loves it and so do the kids.  This is where it'd be a good idea to go ahead and warn you... unless you want to wake up with an empty bottle of your delicious powder, I recommend hiding it from curious kids!  LOL!
My partner sprinkles the powder all over my back side and kisses and licks. It's a wonderful way to add some... flavor to the bedroom!  Unlike the regular (but wonderful!) back massages, the Edible Body Powder is unique.  It gives you the chance to really explore all those areas that are often left out in the bedroom. 
One thing I always dread when I buy anything edible is the sticky leftovers on my skin.  Nothing turns me off more.. OK there are some things that turn me off more than getting up from the bed and having my covers stuck to my butt, but that's also a major turn off.  Great news!  As Body Candy puts it, "no stick where you lick!"  I did expect to be left sticky though, but to my surprise, my partner can sprinkle, lick, kiss away without having a sticky lover! (Me, I'm the said lover here.) 
The Body Powders are so fun and tasty!  Since they're easy to use, leave no residue and taste so delicious, they're the perfect edible product for regular use.  No worries about having to shower immediately.  Just fun! 
The Edible Body Powders come in several delicious flavors.  There's watermelon, cupcake, candy explosion, cherry, chocolate and cotton candy (I can't wait to get my hands on that flavor!) 
I have tried the Cupcake Edible Body Powder and the Candy Explosion.  My first favorite is watermelon and my second is Candy Explosion. My partner likes those the most too. 
Candy Explosion is delicious, but more tart than Cupcake or Watermelon. To me, it tastes exactly like smarties candies or something similar.  The Cupcake Edible Body Powder tastes so strangely, exactly like cake battter!  It's the coolest thing ever!  My partner and I both said it tastes like cake.  If you love cake, this is the perfect flavor for you.  I'm a watermelon fanatic though, but the cupcake is great too. It makes me hungry!  LOL!
The flavors of the Flavored Body Powders and the Body Sprays are outstanding and we're still shocked that none of Body Candy's products have left us sticky or with a bad aftertaste.  Never used anything quite like it! It leaves no aftertaste at all.  Not even a leftover sweet taste.  We're very impressed with these and I definitely recommend them for couples.  Just having the great taste to lick and kiss from your partner is really fun and adventurous.
Body Candy products make beautiful gifts since the packaging is fairly discrete and very tasteful.  The powders come in a plastic container a lot like a spice container and there's the label with the information of the product.  No nude photos, no extreme sexual text.  In fact, the powders don't say anything sexual on them unless the words Edible Body Powders are something that you aren't comfortable with.  This sits nicely in my basket of other sensual products and it looks nice!  It hasn't drawn too much attention besides the candy-loving kid's.  It's discrete enough for me to leave in my open basket on my vanity.  If someone saw "Edible Body Powder" it wouldn't embarrass me.  If you do prefer hiding it, you could easily put it in a drawer or cosmetics bag with no spilling or leaking.  The lid stays tightly shut.  The powders last for a good while unless you're grabbing them for midnight snacks! Otherwise, one container will give you many tasty times!
Also, I'd like to add that these come with a safety seal to ensure... well, safety of course!
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Michaela's Body Candy Review
OMG!! These flavored body powder flavors are totally legit!  They are spot-on; exactly what they say! 

There is no aftertaste either.  You know how sometimes these kind of things taste like chemicals or have a yucky aftertaste?  NOT the case with Body Candy!  This stuff is amazing! It is really delicious and fun to lick.

I got some for my friend for her bridal shower; she hasn't stopped talking about it!  I definitely recommend it!  Try it, you'll be glad you did.
Michaela R.
Ventura, CA

Josh's Body Candy Review
We got the Pina Colada and the Mango Nipple Elixir.   Oh Baby!  When they say, “amazing”, they really mean it!  The nipple elixir - they should call it "nipple - he licks her"!
Josh Z.
Austin, TX
Kendra's Body Candy Review
Kissing Spray & Nipple Elixir

Pina Colada in a spray bottle!  No, no, not a poolside drink and no, not perfume.  It's Body Candy's Kissing Spray & Nipple Elixir.  A company with very unique and oh-so-tasty body products, Body Candy has perfected the art of edible body products that do not leave you as sticky as a glazed ham! Glazed hams ARE sticky. 
First is the Kissing Spray & Nipple Elixir in Pina Colada flavor which happens to be my all time favorite flavor!  If you've ever tried any kind of edible body product, you might not have the most adoring feelings towards them, but I assure you, Body Candy's line is very different from any on the market.  The sexy, teasing fun they add is wonderful without the turn off of being left sticky and messy. 
The Kissing Spray & Nipple Elixirs come in an easy to use, simple spray bottle for easy application. The liquid is runny so it's best to apply directly to the skin and then start licking and kissing.  I'm so picky with the taste of most edible products.  It seems like most of them only turn you off with a nasty aftertaste or funky taste - period.  These actually are so tasty and unique though!  The Pina Colada tastes exactly like a pina colada drink.  Think Fuze’s  pina colada flavor.  It isn't overly sweet, but is sweet.  It's light and leaves no aftertaste. 
I have to do some extra bragging about Body Candy not leaving me sticky at all.  Wow! That just amazes me.  My partner and I can spray, sprinkle and lick away.  This is perfect since most couples, including us don't always have time for an extra shower due to having a little edible fun.  My partner and I both adore all of Body Candy's flavors in both the Elixir sprays and the flavored body powders!  That's awesome for me because he's happy to lick it off anytime.  
I've even found myself spraying it directly in my mouth!  Oh, a quick warning: if you have kids, you might wanna consider hiding this product or you might wake up one day with an empty bottle of Nipple Elixir! Ha. Ha. Turns out, kids love it!  The one year old baby girl wanted to eat it and the 12 year old boy was caught dumping the body powder into his hand and licking it! Ha. Ha. OK, at least it's made in the USA and is safe though, right? 
 The sexy and delicious Kissing Spray & Nipple Elixirs are certainly the best tasting I've ever tasted.  These can be used anywhere externally and like I said, no stickiness left behind!  The flavors taste exactly as you'd expect which is nice.  Mango reminds me of Taco Bell's Mango fruitista freeze.  I love those! Mango's a really nice flavor if you like fruity, but Body Candy has a wonderful variety to choose from... enough that will have you drooling!  The Nipple Elixir and Kissing Sprays come in Watermelon flavor, Pina Colada, Mango, Cherry and Bubblegum.  As great as mango and pina colada taste, I can imagine the rest are amazing as well! 
The extra fun added to your play is definitely enhanced with the tasty elixirs.  Spray some on your nipples to surprise your partner or surprise your partner by spraying on them and tasting!  My partner used it first on my entire back side and it certainly is a spark of an experience, especially when you want to re-introduce certain body parts to your partner.  Maybe the back of your neck gets left out sometimes. They’ll more than likely be happy to give some extra attention to any body part you apply the Nipple Elixir Spray to!  By the time my partner had sprayed and licked my entire back side and I turned over for a tasty front side, I was sure I'd stick to my sheets.  Nope!  Body Candy is true to their word "No Stick Where You Lick!" Cute, but very true!  Even when using a lot of spray, you won't be sticky. 
Even for a couple who spends a lot of time on every single body part and foreplay, body massaging every so often and the whole nine yards, the simple, but tasty Body Candy products do add some extra arousing spark. I adore them!
Body Candy uses safe, quality ingredients in their products.  They are made in the USA so I don’t have to worry about what is really in them.  The cute, simple packaging won't draw much attention if left sitting amongst your toiletries. The sticker on the bottle does say Nipple Elixir, but I suppose if that was a worry for you, you could put it in a drawer.  Body Candy also has Body Glazes and Body Powders (YUM!)  I can say the powders are absolutely delicious! The powders are perfectly discrete. Their products don't scream "hey, I'm used for foreplay!" 
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