Wednesday, September 4, 2013

4 Unlikely Sex Life Boosters That Work!

At Body Candy, our loyal customers have experienced nights of passion and fun like never before. When they testify that Body Candy Edible Body Products spiced things up, we’ve taken to asking them what else they’ve tried. Body Candy works wonders, but in combination with other sex-boosting techniques, unstoppable combinations can be achieved.

Smartphone Apps

Putting away your phone during sex is no-brainer number 1. However, you can use your phone in a few great, creative ways to achieve better sex. Reminder Apps like Kahnoodle are better than the built in reminder apps in your phone's OS, because in addition to reminding you to initiate a romantic moment with your partner they provide helpful, spontaneous tips (like having your Body Candy ready!) 

Others include apps that provide sophisticated conversation maps for touchy conversations about spicing things up in the bedroom, and even apps that utilize the vibration feature in your phone to produce pleasurable patterns. Hopefully we don’t need to tell you that if you try any such app, you need to make sure your body and your phone are both clean and safe in the process.

Makeup For… Down There?

Yes, indeed!

Of course, Body Candy doesn’t go in there, but the market for makeup and other cosmetics that are safe and beneficial for your intimate region is growing by leaps and bounds. Rather than expensive, and rather intrusive procedures, My Pink Button is a safe makeup system for women who wish they were a little, well, pinker down there. At Body Candy, we believe no one needs to conform to a visual standard, but being a human tasty treat gets our vote!

Breathing and Stretching

Maybe this doesn’t come as a surprise, since you’ve probably heard about the sexual benefits of yoga or a vigorous exercise routine. However, there is a new Malaysian study in which men, not women, tried stretches and breathing exercises 3 times a week. The study revealed hidden sexual abilities, radically improved self-confidence, and they even reported greater physical pleasure. So while you may have heard that stretching helps, we thought you should know just how much.

...And of Course, Body Candy!

If you haven’t tried it before, you won’t believe the sensual benefits of lickable Body Glaze, Kissing Spray & Nipple Elixir, and scrumptious Flavored Body Powder. If you’re already a Body Candy fan with other tips and tricks for a better sex life using Body Candy, we’d love to hear about them.

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