Sunday, September 1, 2013

What Do the Greatest Lovers Know About Being Great in Bed That You Don't?

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Would you like to have the power to walk down the street "knowing" you are among the world's greatest lovers? You will! There are some basic "do's" and "don'ts" and strangely, the don'ts are most important so let's get started those.

Greatest Lover Don'ts:

1. Don't think women want sex the way it is in porn flicks.

Getting her to trust you is the key. Once she trusts you it opens an arena for free-spirited exploring together. If you start by imitating the porn guy however, it'll be a turn off and you won't get a second chance.

2. Don't be selfish! It will backfire!

During your first time together, do not be the first to get-off! If you do, she will hate you. It really is that simple. She might act nice but she will like you less somewhere deep inside and it will manifest in passive aggressive remarks, or looking for someone else who isn't so selfish.

3. Don't think all women are the same.

Are you the same as every other man? Of course not! Take some time to get to know what makes her unique and you'll likely be dazzled and amazed.

4. Don't think it's just about penetration.

Men typically achieve orgasm more quickly than women. It's a fact. You will, that's pretty much guaranteed. Take time to savor her and please her first. This is where your power resides!

5. Don't think it's about getting to the finish line.

Slow down and enjoy. It's a process not a race!

6. Don't be thinking about how great you are "performing".

If you are "performing" she will be passively "observing". No bond will take place and both of you will leave unfulfilled. You need to be present. How? Let's look at the "dos".

Greatest Lover dos:

1. Do compliment her when she least expects it.

Complimenting something that acknowledges her as a unique and special person will touch the depths of her being. Look deeper, you'll see it. You'll find this directly proportional to her desire for you!

2. Do look her in the eyes.

That's where you will find her. That's where she can see you. That's where trust begins.

3. Do focus on pleasing her.

Yes, at first glance it seems counter intuitive, but when she's happy - everyone is happy!

4. Do slow down and take your time, and savor and enjoy foreplay!

The man who rushes to the end to satisfy his own needs is the selfish loser who won't even know what he's doing wrong and start blaming the woman [when she leaves him].

You however, with the brilliance of this knowledge will repeatedly win in more ways than you realize. She will she desire only you, be blind to others and be nicer to you! And you will be the one walking down the street with his head held high. The woman pleaser, the woman magnet, the one who knows the secrets and who is the greatest lover!

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