Thursday, August 22, 2013

Are You Ready to Spice it Up in the Bedroom?

Body Candy Lovers Spice It Up in the Bedroom
In the beginning of a relationship, the thrill of hunting makes things in the bedroom ecstatic. However when a commitment is made, you have it all and you know what to expect each night, things have a tendency to become predictable and boring. Do you feel this is the path you are on? Are you ready to spice it up in the bedroom and bring back that long forgotten excitement?
What is the solution? Rather than yet another difficult task to add to your schedule, this answer is fun and easy! Read on!

Build the anticipation:
·         Sending sexy messages and hints during the day letting your partner know that you are in the mood, will fire things up for you at night. These days' people are very busy and the only thing they think about doing at night is hitting the bed. You can change this attitude and turn your partner from sleepy to sexy by creating something to look forward to throughout the day.

·         Pamper yourself before with a warm bath or fresh shower so you are relaxed and feel fresher.

·         Perhaps give your partner a sexy bath by candlelight. Be sure to rinse and dry too. Your partner wants to feel pampered and nurtured as much as you do.

·         Tell your partner something you genuinely appreciate about them. Maybe they know it already but stimulate all the senses with a few soft words of appreciation. This touches the essence of their being and opens them to love. Think about it. How do you feel when you receive a compliment you weren't expecting? (This really works!)

·         A spritz of body candy flavored kissing spray in your mouth before a kiss is sure to surprise and delight.

·         Perhaps sprinkle a little bath powder on the sheets for a special scent that isn't overpowering.

·         Put on your favorite music.

·         Light candles for a romantic ambiance.

·         Remember that romance is a process not an event!

Break the monotony:
Many working couples are just too exhausted to try anything new in the bedroom, following a routine course that gets monotonous over time. Does this sound familiar? Though such a routine is easy to follow and doesn't require any special efforts, it tends to get to a point where you just become numb to it.
Follow these fun and easy tips and you are sure to rekindle the passion and spice it up in the bedroom!
·         You can always startle your partner by just gently reaching out when they least expect it.

·         Look in each other's eyes. As strange and no-brainer as that may sound, we tend to get caught up in our own melodrama or version of things. When this occurs, the first thing we do is inadvertently hide our eyes and withdraw. When your body is present but your spirit is not fully present, your partner feels it and responds accordingly. When we look in each other's eyes, we connect. Try it! It's true.

·         Use a different position while making love and you will see how this will bring up new feelings that bring the excitement back. Don't be shy - this is your chosen partner.

·         Nibbling, biting, licking and pinching can add variety to lovemaking, but start slowly and gently to see how your partner responds. These clues will tell you whether to continue with that or not.

·         Add that extra romance by just applying a little edible body glaze to different parts of your body and have your partner begin the tongue's scrumptious journey across your quivering flesh.

·         Do the same in reverse! Don't just go to the same obvious place. Add intrigue and stimulation by focusing your attention on those places that have been overlooked. They are starving for your attention and will be highly sensitive because of it. Explore the small of the back, tummy, inner thigh, buttocks, back of neck, you get the idea!

·         Slow down! Take your time. It's not a race. Savor each moment like it's the most precious thing in your life. It is.
Following these tips you'll rekindle the passion, feel appreciated and fall in love with each other all over again. What more can you ask for!

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