Monday, August 19, 2013

3 Steps Toward a Better Sex Life

We know everyday life can get in the way of intimacy. It doesn’t necessarily reflect on the quality of your relationship at all. On the contrary, sometimes your comfort level with each other is a great part of your relationship that could just stand to be augmented with a little newness. Add to that a few health tips, and you have a winning formula for great sex. Those without a long term partner can benefit from these tips as well, and be extra ready next time the moment is right with a new partner.

Step 1: Start Doing Yoga

If you haven’t already incorporated Yoga’s asanas and pranayamas into your life, you’re missing out on some serious benefits between the sheets. Fortunately it’s never too late to start, and the barriers to entry (“I can’t put my foot behind my head!”) are much much lower than you think. As for your sexual health, how do the following perks sound?

     Increased stamina, thanks to improved lung capacity and heart rate

     Improved muscle tone

     Better understanding of your body’s limits and abilities

     Excess weight loss

     Added grace, and confidence in your body’s movements
     Becoming more limber and flexible
Step 2: Red Wine with Dinner

This one shouldn’t be too much of a strain. Since even the lowest priced supermarket red wines contain the polyphenols, including the newly sought after “reservatol,” that are thought to be the health enhancing components of this timeless pleasure potion. The only problem might be a preference for beer. Skip the suds on lovemaking nights you’ll get a noticeable boost in libido. Stay with it for a few months, and experience improved overall health, which provides limitless bedroom benefits.

Step 3: Libido Boosting Foods

We may be biased, but we prefer out libido-boosting flavors in Body Candy form, and if boosting your libido is the aim, it definitely cuts out the middleman! “Chocolate covered strawberry” is a popular body glaze flavor combination, with positive reviews from our extremely satisfied customers. The ingredients in Chocolate Ecstasy, for instance, include flavonoids that naturally occur in cacao. Flavonoids are scientifically documented to improve sexual function, and when your partner is naked and being licked while you eat it, that ought to help too.

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