Thursday, August 15, 2013

Foreplay: Plenty to Taste Before the Main Course

This day and age, some would argue that there is no “main course,” in the bedroom. Indeed, as the accepted definitions of a “couple” and a “relationship” become more inclusive, sex becomes less of an entree-with-a-side and more along the lines of Spain’s tapas, where many small plates constitute the meal.

But let’s move away from food metaphors and toward the literal: Body Candy and foreplay are the perfect match. If you or someone in your life is a straight-to-business lover, Kissing Spray, Body Powder, and Lickable Body Glaze are three delicious ways to say, “it’s about the journey, not the destination.”

Read on for a quick guide to incorporating Body Candy into longer, more fulfilling nights of passion. 

Kissing Spray

Body Candy Kissing Spray & Nipple Elixir is a spritz of flavor, perfect for sensitive (external only) body parts.

For prolonged fun, try this game: Let the one being kissed be the one wielding the bottle. You’re receiving pleasure and calling the shots. For the one doing the tasting, there’s the reward of a tasty surprise wherever the elixir is applied.

On the other hand, the judicious application of a blindfold is a great way to surprise the spray-ee with pleasantly cool sensations in unexpected spots.

Body Powder

Incorporating Flavored Body Powder into foreplay isn’t like some of the flavored body  products you may have experienced in the past. Instead of rubbing it into the skin, you just sprinkle and lick to your heart’s content.

The foreplay activity of choice among Body Powder fans is “name that flavor.” It’s not a hard game; the flavors are accurate and free of aftertastes. Rather, the game is fun for the person who hasn’t read the label yet; lick, and be amazed.

The more flavors of Body Powder you incorporate, the longer your ecstasy will go on.

Body Glaze

EdibleBody Glaze comes in the most intense, complimentary flavors. One of the sexiest and tastiest activities of all is combining Body Glaze flavors to find the ultimate taste bud-tickling balance.

But your taste buds won’t be half as tickled as your partner, who’ll be writhing and giggling as you use them as a serving plate for your own delectations.

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