Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Body Candy is this months featured vendor at GetLusty.com


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Do you enjoy chocolate or caramel sauce on your sundaes? Do you like the sound of chocolate covered strawberries? How about sex? Now put those two things together and you have something seriously magical. This women-owned company is one we're seriously excited to feature! Want to make your next session sweet? Read on.

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About Body Glaze
Launched in 2011, Body Candy is a woman-owned business producing a variety of products--all with the aim of enhancing your sexual life. Besides being an industry leader in edible flavors for sex, all their products are made in the USA.

Their renowned flavor Body Candy is like nothing else on the market. It’s not a lube or oil; it's pure scrumptious flavor to sprinkle, spray or drizzle on your partner (and vice-versa). Immerse yourself in flavored ecstasy while feeling your partner quiver beneath your tongue as you explore those intimate and sensitive places that are often overlooked. It enables couples to spend more time exploring the subtleties of foreplay. Why rush? Make it pleasurable for you both with the result a feeling of re-connecting. Enhancing foreplay gives you a sensitive bonding and fulfilling (not to mention downright thrilling) experience.

Let's get specific:
Not only are Body Candy’s spot-on flavors smoothly decadent, but they don’t have that chemical taste usually associated with edibles. Zero aftertaste and best of all there’s no stick where you lick! All Body Candy products are made in the USA so you have piece of mind while you play.

You can find Edible Body Candy Kissing Spray & Nipple Elixirs, Edible Body Powders and Lickable Body Glazes in such amazing flavors as Chocolate Ecstasy, Caramel Orgasm and Strawberry Sensation. Experience Body Candy today and discover why everyone is talking about it. Oh, and did we mention they always offer FREE shipping!

Our review:
At the GetLusty.com offices, we were excited to try Body Candy recently. In fact, our co-Founders were in the middle of a sex marathon (a once-monthly affair they highly recommend) and loved Body Candy.

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